Real ways to grow your natural hair

Its amazing how growing kinky natural hair has become a thing of this century. Its excites me how most girls have come to the point where they are willing and able to embrace their own natural hair with no shame, because there were or they are a lot of myths or negative thoughts about kinky natural hair, even with me it took me some courage and change of mind to be able to transition from relaxed to kinky natural hair.

Read my previous post to read my transitioning story.

I know most girls are thinking of joining the natural hair team but are wondering how they will get through it and also some are already on this journey but it been quite tough for them because they think their hair is not growing or their hair is not retaining length.

If you belong to this category, trust me you are not alone, that why I have put together some of the proven tips and the things I have been doing to accelerate my hair growth.

Here are some tips you for you

  • Remember your hair grows from the inside of your body

When it comes to growing of hair, most people think of the outside factors only, like the products to use and how to take care of their hair and that is not bad but to grow a healthy and long hair in general you must first consider the inside factors because your hair grows from the inside of your body. So you must consider what you put inside your body, because your hair needs essentials nutrients, minerals and a lot of water to grow healthy. Believe me you can buy all the expensive and effective natural hair products but if you do not feed your body this important nutrients your hair will not glow or flourish from the outside. So consider drinking a lot of water to moisturise your hair from the inside, also incorporate foods rich in proteins and omega-3 fatty acids in your diets and your hair will be smiling with you.

  • Exercisssseeeee

You are wondering how exercise will help you with hair growth right? Exercise help in blood circulation and increases your metabolism. I noticed that when I go to the gym 2 to 3 times a week for a month and take my braids off, the growth is massive than when I don’t exercise. So yeah exercising helps boost your hair growth.

  • Know your hair type

So now that you know how to take care of your hair from the inside and also move your body, the next step is to know your hair type. This is important because this will help your know how to maintain, the products your hair needs and how to take care of your hair. Finding your hair type can be very tricky but once to are able to determine it the process of maintaining your hair becomes even more easier, but there are some basic tips that works for all hair types no matter what your hair texture is. So now lets move on to the next tip.

  • How to wash your hair

It is easier to wash your hair when you are starting to grow out your natural hair but after it grows to some point washing it becomes a little bit of a struggle because shrinkage occurs and the hair is easily tangled. In order to make things easier for you, it is important to wash your hair in sections. Put each section into a twist, the length of your hair will determine the number of twist to have, it could be four big twist or eight or as much as you want.

  • Be patient when de-tangling your hair

I have noticed that most people don’t have patience when it comes to combing or de-tangling of their hair. They will just pick up any comb and start to comb their in rough manner and after that they complain of breakage and how painful it is the comb your hair. If you want to retain length then you have to stop de-tangling your hair like that. The best way to de-tangle your hair is to put it in sections and spray some water on it in order to make it soft and easy to manage, then comb from tip to the scalp with a wide tooth comb to reduce much shedding.

  • Moisturise Your Hair

Dry things break easily. So if your want your hair to be free from breakage, you need to keep it moisturised both from the inside by drinking lots of water as I have already said and from the outside by apply moisturising products that works best for your hair. There are a lot of products out there and it is important to now the ones that works best for you. When moisturising it is also important to focus on the ends of your hair because they are the oldest and they become fragile and need much care so you can keep them and retain length even though you sometimes have to trim when the need arises.

Deep Conditioning
Incorporating deep conditioning to your hair regimen, will help prevent your hair from breakage. This is the process where you leave the conditioner in your hair for about 15-30 minutes so the conditioner can penetrate through your hair strands. It even more efficient when some kind of heat is applied. Deep conditioning helps reduce breakage, split end and strengthens your hair.

Protective Styling

Protective hair styles helps in low manipulation of your. If you want to see growth or retain length, low manipulation of your hair is important. Avoid too much combing and styles that are too tight for your hair. Twists, crochet braids, braids, buns keeps your hair bounded for a while or as long as you have them on, braid outs also helps.

thumbnail (2)
1 year hair growth with shrinkage

Less heat

Talking about heat, I haven’t applied heat to my hair since I became natural. It reduces damage to your hair especially to the ends. But if you can’t stay away from it, avoid it as much as possible.

Be patient

You have to understand that there are so many factors in hair growth and also our hair grows at different paces. The fact that someone’s hair grows faster doesn’t mean yours is not growing, follow the tips and be patient with the process and you will notice how happy you and your will be.

There are still a few tips I am not able to cover in this post, I will write those in my next post. Don’t miss those tips because they all come together to help your hair smiley .

Thanks for reading and see you again!!!


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