Why I transitioned from thin relaxed hair to thick healthy natural hair

If someone had told me I would go natural again, I would have argued with great passion. I have always been a girl who is passionate about hair and loves to have a long healthy hair.


Once upon a time a had natural hair, that was about when I was 17 years old, after high school. During those times, it was quite difficult for me to manage my hair, because I didn’t have any knowledge of how to do the natural hair thingy. The whole natural hair trend wasn’t in vogue then, no one embraced it and it was seen as ugly, unkept and there were so many myths about it. Everyone was waiting to complete high school, come home and get their hair relaxed, mostly because that was what we have been exposed to. There wasn’t much education or information on kinky natural hair. Due to that, I could not manage my hair texture and detangling after I had my braids were off was super painful and also when braiding, parting of the hair was another issue all together.

I remember when people will tease me about my hair not growing because I always had shrinkage and the growth wasn’t seen that much. The texture of my hair also seemed to be horrible because people had this curly type of hair pattern but mine was not defined with no pattern and looked though. I could not embrace my natural hair during those days, because I thought I had the worse hair ever.

As at that time I didn’t know any styling methods or how to maintain my hair, so I always had them braided or fix some weaves. I went on this journey for about a year and I was like no this is not for me. There was a day when I had taken my braids off and I had to go to work the next day, there was no time to get another braids on, trust me it would have been much better if I knew some of the styling methods I know now but I didn’t, so I had to go to work with my “messy” hair. It was horrible at that time because of my hair texture, I did all the combing I knew but my hair won’t cooperate. After work that day, I said to myself I am done with keeping my natural hair, it is time to get it relax and be free, lol.

So the relaxed hair journey began, I had relaxed hair for several years but I couldn’t retain length, I would go to professional hair stylists to help and give me some tips on what I could do to get my hair back on track but nothing worked. It got to a point where I had to cut my hair to a very short length and start all over again. I began to notice some improvement in the growth of my hair. After a year on that journey, I moved from Ghana to Finland. That was in 2014.

my relaxed hair after I moved to Finland

When I moved to Finland

In Finland, I had to be in charge of my hair because there was no hair stylish to make my hair. Unlike back in Ghana when I would go to saloon to get my hair done, because of that, I started researching on how make my hair by myself. I would watch YouTube videos and read articles on how to maintain and grow healthy long hair. I discovered a lot of things. Some of the advices I followed helped, I was able to retain length but again I got to know that I had fine hair which made my hair look thin when relaxed and my hair length was not seen even though I had much growth and length. I always did researches on how to get thick relaxed hair but I got to know its about genetics so I said to myself, if my hair grows and I’m able to retain length, why don’t I go natural and use some of this methods I have discovered and learn more to get the thick and healthy hair I have always wanted.

After I decided to go natural

I started watching videos on how to transition from relaxed to natural hair but it took me a while to actually do the transition because I was afraid to start all over again. My thoughts were like, what if natural hair doesn’t work for me, what if my hair doesn’t grow back, what is my hair texture going to look, when am I going to achieve all this length again. This went on for a while. I will go on a post relaxer for about 3 to 4 months and go back to relax my hair again, until one day, when had kept my hair without relaxer for about 5 months I finally decided to do a big chop, that was in February 2017. I started all over again but this time with no relaxer.


I have to admit that this journey has been fun even though it requires a lot of time sometimes, but you know good things requires some good effort. Its even much fun because I keep on discovering new things about natural hair and I will say so far so good. I haven’t had any regrets, the only question I ask myself is why I didn’t start early hahaha, but all the same I know I did it at the right time. I am 1.5 year natural now and I’m impressed with the overall health and length of my hair.

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