How to deep condition natural hair (simple method)

Do you feel your hair is dry and brittle? When was the last time you had a deep conditioning treatment or have you ever done a deep conditioning treatment?

Deep conditioning should be part of your regular hair care regimen as a natural hair girl, because of the benefits your hair will achieve from it. It will add shine to your hair, add moisture, strengthen your hair strands and many more benefits.

Here are some simple steps on how to deep condition your hair

  • Wash your hair

The first step to deep conditioning your hair is to clean it from built up products and dirt. When your hair is clean, it is easier for products to penetrate through your hair and achieve the benefit of the product. Use your favorite shampoo or the one that works best for your hair.

  • Add deep conditioner

Now it is time for you to add your deep conditioner but first you should know what kind of product you are putting in your hair. If you aren’t sure of the best products you can try out a few and then later figure out which one works best for you. If you want to be extra, you can add some oils or eggs to your deep conditioner. There are also some homemade or DIY deep conditioners you can make at home.

  • How to apply

Cover the whole of your hair with the conditioner. If your hair is long or thick, it will be best if your section your into about four to eight parts and apply the product to each of them, the comb your hair from tip to scalp and not vice versa and remember to use a wide tooth comb. Combing your hair will evenly distribute the product to your hair. Then when you have applied the product, now put your hair into twists.

  • Wear a plastic cap

The next step is to put on a plastic cap, this helps lock moisture into your hair and also keeps your hair warm to open up your hair follicles so the conditioner can penetrate through it. It will be great if you apply some heat whiles you have the plastic cap on. You can sit under a dryer or use a hand dryer depending on what you have. I usually sit in the sauna for about 15 minutes. You can keep the plastic cup on for about 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Rinse conditioner from your hair

After you’ve had the plastic cup on for the required time, you can rinse your hair. Remember to rinse your hair with cold water not hot, this is so that the nutrients from the product will still remain in your hair.

Yaaaaaayyyy, now you are done deep conditioning your hair, isn’t it simple.

You may ask how often you should do this, well I do mine on every second wash day or when I feel my Hair needs it. So you choose.

Enjoy reading and hope you will be doing a deep conditioning treatment on your next wash day.


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