AliExpress Haul

What comes to mind when you hear people say they shop from AliExpress?

If you think of not good quality products, you aren’t wrong. I used to think like you until i gave it a try. I would say its the first online shop I turn to when I need something, well it depends on the product though :).

I have bought couple of products from there for the past year and I am happy with what I receive, even though some seller or store over there don’t have quality products, I have a way of spotting the good quality ones.

In this post I have gathered links of some of the products I got from there. There links will take you straight to the sellers I bought the products from.

NB: All products linked are products I have bought for myself and I recommend them. the quality of these products are great and comfort is also guaranteed.


Ombre pointed pump Ombre pumps



Small crossbody bag Small Crossbody bag



Ribbon Straw bag Ribbon straw/ratten bag



Slide heels slide heels



summer two piece swim suit two piece swim suit



Ankle strap high heels Ankle strap high heels



12 constellation coffee mug with spoon  zodiac sign coffee mug


Gym set Women gym set



Yellow 2 piece set women two piece set



Long Sleeve Yoga Set women gym/ lounge set



Cotton Push Up Bra Cotton push up bra



Bralette Bralette



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